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Welcome to ASEACC

CFP: SEA The World! Southeast Asian Cinemas and Global Film Theory

11th Biennial Association for Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference (ASEACC)
July 20th – 22nd, 2020, Cebu, the Philippines


The 11th Biennial Association for Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference will take place at The University of the Philippines, Cebu, between 20th and 22nd July, 2020. The focus of the conference is ‘SEA the world! Southeast Asian Cinemas and Global Film Theory’ – this theme will be addressed from a broad range of perspectives in order to encourage critical engagement with current debates in film theory and global studies, inviting papers that theorize the diverse film and media practices across Southeast Asia beyond Area Studies. Seeking to extend and build on recent developments in film theory in relation to ‘minor cinemas’, ‘small cinemas’ and ‘cinemas at the periphery’, the conference invites participants to reflect on the following questions: How do rhizomatic networks situate Southeast Asia in relation to the global? How do local and indigenous film practices in Southeast Asia connect with global media flows through film festival networks, transnational funding and/or shared aesthetic practices and thematic concerns? How do these works engage with, and critique, the concept of the nation-state while at the same time destabilize the universalizing tendencies of ‘the global’ as a theoretical framework? In what ways can recent developments in film theory, philosophy, postcolonial thought and other disciplines enrich theoretical explorations of the ways in which Southeast Asian filmmakers, artists, archivists, curators and media activists engage with global concerns around issues such as migration, colonialism, war, pollution and climate change?

Possible topics include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Migration (including migrant labor, media rights, migrant film festivals and advocacy)
  • Third and Fourth Cinemas
  • Transnational Cinemas
  • Co-productions
  • Eco-cinemas and eco-criticism
  • Film Philosophy
  • Small cinemas, minor cinemas
  • Travelling theories and film
  • Cultural studies

ASEACC welcomes presentations related to the conference theme or to Southeast Asian cinemas more broadly. Past conferences have included site visits, screenings, and presentations from academics, critics, filmmakers, archivists, and others interested in Southeast Asian screen media. The Call for Papers is open for individual papers of 20 minutes, as well as pre-constituted panels with a maximum of three presentations each. Please check our website archives and conference programs for past paper topics as we are less likely to accept topics that have been covered before:

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 31, 2019.

Please send an abstract (max. 300 words) and short bio (max. 100 words) to: Alicia Izharuddin – Harvard University; Mariam Lam – University of California-Riverside and Adrian Alarilla – University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.


Logo ASEACC YellowThe Association of Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference emerged from the first Southeast Asian Cinemas conference organised by Gaik Cheng Khoo during her postdoctoral fellowship at the Asia Research Institute at NUS—Singapore in 2004. Considerable support and enthusiasm among attending scholars, regional film archivists, activists and critics then led to an annual Southeast Asian Cinemas conference that rotated through the region: Bangkok 2005, Kuala Lumpur 2006, Jakarta 2007, Manila 2008; then biennially Ho Chi Minh City 2010, Singapore 2012, Salaya, Thailand 2014, Kuala Lumpur 2016, Yogyakarta 2018, and Cebu 2020.

The purpose of the conference is to focus on filmmaking and cinema in the region as an academic endeavour at the time that many national film industries were dying in the late 1990s but also facing a renewal due to the introduction of digital media. Over the decade, ASEACC has attracted consistent interest from academics writing on Southeast Asian cinema just as independent filmmakers from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are screening their works and winning awards in international film festivals overseas.

The themes of the conference have included independent filmmaking, gender and sexuality, censorship regimes, the archive, and genres. As we believe in the inter-related nature of theory and practice, we also include screenings as well as panels and workshops of invited film practitioners from the region. In the past, these have been filmmakers, producers, film critics, archivists and film programmers.

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